Journey to the afterlife – What will be the next journey after leaving the body?

All the saints and great men explain to us that one day each of us will have to leave our body and go on a journey to the next world. Yet very few people try to find out that when our time in this world is over, what will be our next journey and how should we prepare for it?

If we have found some ancestral property somewhere far away and we have to go there, we will try to get as much information as possible about that place. We will locate it on the map, read about the weather there and get information about its geographical features. We will also learn the culture, language and traditions there. Before going there and settling there permanently, we will definitely take a tour there to experience the place.

Although we take a lot of care to move from one place to another on this earth, but when it comes to leaving this material world and going to the next world, we all remain ignorant. Have any of us ever seriously tried to know about the place that has been reserved for us by God in the next world after our stay in this world is over? This is a topic we rarely think about. We live life as if we have to stay here forever. We do not take the matter of our going to the afterlife seriously until we receive a report of some serious illness or we become victim of a serious accident and end up in danger.

Because we have only sixty, eighty or a hundred years of time here and after death there is eternal life. Therefore, it is in our interest to get information about the spiritual realms of the afterlife.

When we think of the afterlife, what usually comes to our mind is the one described in our temple, church or other place of worship. Many of us think that it must be some place far away above us or across the ocean or beyond the skies. Where exactly are the realms of the afterlife? We do not need to go anywhere else to find God, God is within us. We can find God by purifying our heart through love.

The spiritual realms are not in outer space but within us. To live a good life in the next world, we have to adopt this law of love in our daily routine for the rest of our physical life. We also have to prepare ourselves for the day when our time in this life will be over. We too can secure a beautiful place for ourselves in the hereafter. But for this we have to spend our time wisely in this world. If we dedicate our lives to the love of God, selfless service and meditation, we will be able to create a luxurious abode in the worlds of the afterlife.

For those wishing to visit the spiritual countries, tickets are free and no passport or visa is required. We just have to learn the technique of rising up through meditation and practice and learn the rule of the Kingdom of God and that rule is to love others. This journey is open to all. Now it is up to us to take advantage of this blessing received from the Lord and travel to spiritual countries in this lifetime.


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